G.O. Export is coming up with an exclusive group of Portuguese and French producers that decided to export their best wines and olive oils, always with a fair and good price.

The company has the purpose of integrate the best of international renowned wine regions of the world and has mainly the expertise of Portuguese wines and olive oils from Vale Douro´s region, which is vastly known by its robust red wines, elegant white wines and exquisite olive oils.

Likewise, Trás-os-montes is another essential Portuguese region, which has a weather diversity that makes “micro-climates” that generates unique wines and olive oils local productions. It is a region with great potential.

France, recognized as one of the Great Wine Capitals of the World, specially originated from Bordeaux´s region, which is well known by its elegant, full-bodied and high tannin red wines.

G.O. Export comes up with the idea of innovate the wine market, bringing new and intrepid concepts. The company knows there are many splendid regions in several countries with remarkable wine producers to be found and disclosed.

Intent to explore those new promising regions and provide more opportunities to our clients to experience varieties of wine flavors is our goal. Within good prices and high quality.


Besides export, also assists with development, planning and consulting of wines and olive oils for worldwide export. Personalizing services of market research of a specific country to accomplish the outsourcing service of your requested export.

Due to our experience, we are able to include different customers like domestic importers, regional distributors, wholesalers, airline companies and national monopolies. Constantly searching new clients and open up to know new high quality producers that can add more value to our wines and olive oils offers.

Wines and Oils Consulting

G.O. Export assists in any request related to wines and olive oils business; from brand development and marketing strategy to costs reduction and financial management to outsourcing processes.

Create your own wine and olive oil

Providing a customized service on the creation of your own wine and olive oil. Offering to clients the opportunity to choose your preferred grapes and/ or olives, the type of bottle, corks, labels, bottle capsules and any other need or request.

Advising our customers according to the market regulations is our priority.

Our team is ready to assist you. Please choose from the following options for product information, queries, contact details and more.


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